CONGRATULATIONS on your new Baby! Below are a few tips to make our newborn session run smoothly.


Breast fed Babies: Mother’s diet is babie’s diet, it is important to eliminate any foods that may cause gas or upset tummy for 24-48 hours before session.

In the 12 hours before session, it is important to feed as much and as frequently as possible to ensure baby has a full tummy. This helps to ensure baby is not fussy due to hunger and will allow for a nice long nap during our session.

Most important and yet the hardest tip is to keep baby awake 1-2 hours before session. Although to get those sweet sleepy poses we all love, this tip helps tremendously.

Feed baby just prior to leaving for session, baby may need a top off when you arrive at the studio. This will get baby settled and in that deep sleep we are hoping for.

Please dress baby in a button or zip sleeper. Nothing that needs to be removed over their head.

Photo session are tough work and baby may need extra milk during our session. Formula fed please bring extra, if breast fed and possible can bring a pumped bottle, that would allow just a little milk to get baby into that perfect pose and keeping baby full as well.

Please bring extra diapers for changes during session. A pacifier is recommended to keep close by during session just to soothe baby for a few minutes during transition to next pose. The hospital pacifier is recommended if not I have some unopened ones here in the studio.


Newborn Session Complete is when Mom, Dad and or siblings will be photographed please keep attire very simple. Plain shirts in NEUTRAL colors like white, black, grey or tan/creams look great and will not distract from baby. Mom feel free to wear a comfortable dress.  Stay away from logos, images or shirts with writing on them. Try to coordinate not match. Please come dressed and ready to have your picture taken. I always start with parent/sibling shots.

Your hands may be in the images so please make sure they are manicured, nothing fancy just clean and trimmed prior to session


Newborn sessions can often take a long time. 2-4 hours per session. The studio has a parent waiting room with comfy couch, snacks water and a tv, so parents can relax and even nap if needed. Catch up on your favorite Netflix series or some emails/text messages.  My assistant and I will be working to get through all our shots and if we need you for any reason we will come get you. You are welcome to come take a peek, but we do not recommend staying the entire time. 

I also ask that you arrange a way for older siblings to leave the studio once the parent sibling images are complete. I prefer to start with parent images first, then add sibling(s).  Older siblings can be brought to the park, or sent home with one parent/caregiver.

Ultimately your baby will determine how the session will go. If baby is fussy do not get stressed out, he/she will pick up on this. Know that baby is in good hands and I care for them as if they were my own. The safety and comfort of your baby is is my top priority. I will not force baby into any pose or pose your baby in anyway that is unsafe. Some babies fuss and cry when they are being posed because they are tired and just want to be left alone. We can all attest to that!

Please know that by following these tips you are setting your baby up for a successful newborn photography session. With that being said though, please do not get discouraged if you do follow these tips and baby still seems to have no intentions of going to sleep or is super fussy for session, I have an infinite amount of patience and will do my best to get the most adorable images of your baby that you will cherish forever.

Any questions at all about your upcoming newborn session please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you and your little one(s)