A journey of creating, growing and carrying a whole new life within.  This is a fascinating and momentous time in a women’s life. Showcase the beauty and joy of this incredible milestone.  Sessions typically take place between 32 & 36 weeks gestation and will be taken in studio or an outdoor location.  Feel free to bring along an item or two to incorporate, such as tiny newborn shoes, stack of baby books, cute piece of nursery decor or a sonogram.  Your gallery will include 16 images and a black and white of each image as well.


I absolutely love photographing these sessions!  OH IS IT FUN!   baby’s First Birthday? Where did that year go? Sleepless nights, coo’s and giggles,  It’s been an entire year since you brought this sweet baby into the world and you are both still alive and well! This is a huge milestone for both of you! So celebrate in a way that will preserve them this way FOREVER! I will supply theme props and balloons, client is responsible for cake.  Your gallery will include 25 smash images as well as a black and white of each image.

PAINT SESSION (2 & 3 year old)
Your little artist will use their fingers, toes, brushes and sponges to create a 16 x 20 canvas keepsake.  Come in, get messy, have fun and capture a one of a kind creative birthday session.  Your gallery will include 3 pre smash images and 25 paint smash images as well as a black and white of each image.

Ah, Sweet beginnings! The newborn stage flashes by in a  blink of an eye.  Be sure to capture this phase so you will always remember how sweet and tiny your baby once was.  I have created a perfect in-home studio that is comfortable and cozy for your newest arrival. Sessions typically take place within the first 6-14 days of life and are approximately 3 hours, which allows enough time for feeding, changing, cuddling and capturing these precious moments.  The Complete Newborn session includes parent and sibling images as well as your baby alone.  Your gallery will include  25 images and a black and white of each.


This session is all about your sweet baby.  Baby will remain diapered and wrapped for most of session. Your newborn only gallery will include 15 images and a black and white of each image.

Babies grow fast.. Capture all the cuteness they have to offer before with a simple Sitter Session. These sessions are for babies who can sit unassisted, but not yet crawl. A perfect way to document those drooly grins and chubby little legs they will soon loose when they start to crawl. All you need to bring is baby and a few snacks.. Sessions will be 30 minutes.  Your galley will include 15 images and a black and white of each as well.


Capture a moment in your family’s life to look back on forever.  Children are forever growing and changing as your family life is constantly evolving. Make sure to pause these moments, before they pass by.  Family Sessions are 1 hour long providing enough time for children to relax and be themselves, creating true and real images.  Your gallery will include 25 images and a black and white of each image as well.


Today’s Moments are Tomorrow’s Memories




Maternity & Newborn 

 Newborn only option $850, Newborn Complete option $1000 Plus Tax (save $50.00)



(Newborn, Sitter Session & Birthday)

$1175 newborn Only option or Complete Newborn option $1300 Plus Tax (Save $100.00)



  • A LINK of your gallery will be emailed/text messaged to you within 2 weeks. This link will allow you to view, share and purchase your images with just a few clicks.  Printed merchandise will be mailed directly to your door via Bay photo.
  • ONLY those with the LINK will be able to view/download all images. (client has 2 weeks to download gallery to your PC after receiving link)
  • The client will have rights to ALL images in the gallery, so you can share and enjoy with family and friends.
  • A $100 non refundable fee will be charged when you book your session. (A Paypal invoice will be sent to your email upon booking your session)

Cash/Paypal/Credit Card, and Venmo are accepted

Your remaining payment is due at end of your session.
6.35% CT sales Tax is applied to your session

    Pricing subject to change at any time.

** Photographs of your session may be used for marketing purposes on Facebook & Instagram (unless notified at session time)