Meet Katie and Ryan who are featured here today for agreeing to document the Belly mold to prop crazy idea I had..  Thank you Katie

The casting process at home Very dusty process and Katie (mom) suggests doing this process in the shower where the dust is contained and can easily be rinsed away


The cast just after removal is set to dry for 24 hours


Meanwhile at my house my girls are helping me make the fluff for inside the belly mold. This is a tedious task of taking yarn apart and then pulling it apart to make “fluff”




Finally the newborn shoot day has arrived and I get to use a belly mold. I have never done this before but it turned out to be the perfect prop for baby Nathan. Here is a cell upload of me getting the final shot and Mommy loving how cute her baby boy looks in her very own plaster belly mold from just a 8 days earlier. Nathan seemed comfortable and happy to be resting back in Momma’s belly..


The final image. Nathan Paul 2 weeks earlier 7 lbs 12 oz





This silly Girl is my assistant Lily! She is wearing a pair of NERD glasses I use for my newborns and toddlers.. Lily went to pose Mommy  for me and this is what I see though my lens… Love You LILY!!! Newborn shoots are FUN and we have a blast photographing your babies.. We tend to get a bit silly at times but, hey we love our job!                                                                            Maternity, Newborn & Family photography Vernon, Connecticut